Welcome to TESLAA an inventor, creative, updated tech savvy engineering group.
We are committed to create cool original stuff, No imitation is allowed

What We Do

We are an engineering group with employees all around the world; our areas of specialty are Research and Development, Software Engineering, System Engineering, Process Analysis, Optimization, User Interfaces and User Expreience, Expert Systems, Sales and Marketing.


Who We Are

We have faith in working remotely! We love IT stuffs! Each of us is a passionate developer, we want to stand out among 6 Billion other peoples in the world, and we want to be the best Engineers ;)


Our Works

Creation and development of corporate identity projects, graphic user interfaces, websites, portals, e-commerce, online advertising campaigns, blogs. Some of our customers are communication agencies.

Say Something.

Drop us a line at Em@il: Hi[@t]teslaa.net
We would be happy to hear about you :)